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Exploring the World of Nintendo: A Gaming Revolution

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Discover the latest updates, deals, and releases from Nintendo.


This article has been translated from the original Japanese content. Some of the images and videos shown in text were created during the process.

The Nintendo Switch is our absolute favorite way to game on the go, and we've rounded up the best places to score savings on consoles. With its versatile design and impressive library of games, the Nintendo Switch has quickly become a beloved console for gamers of all ages.

Black Friday 2023 is jam-packed with gaming deals — here are our top discounts specifically for the Nintendo Switch. From discounted consoles to popular game titles, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your Nintendo collection without breaking the bank. Don't miss out on these incredible savings!

The Nintendo Switch 2 console may have actually been teased in some screenshots taken from the upcoming Switch remake of Another Code: Two. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the next generation of the Nintendo Switch, and these screenshots have sparked excitement and speculation about what's to come.

Buy Bluey: The Videogame and shop other great Nintendo products online at the official My Nintendo Store. Explore the world of Bluey, the lovable Australian cartoon character, in this exciting video game. Immerse yourself in fun-filled adventures and unlock new levels of entertainment.

The games that inspired a generation come to life once more, in the ultimate 2D pixel remaster! Enjoy universally updated 2D pixel graphics and the nostalgia of classic gameplay with this collection of remastered Nintendo games. Experience the magic of these timeless titles on the Nintendo Switch.

Oasis Management, which long urged Nintendo to go mobile, stands to make tens of millions of dollars from the craze. As the gaming industry continues to expand into the mobile market, Oasis Management's investment in Nintendo's mobile ventures is proving to be a lucrative move. The company is set to reap significant financial gains from this strategic decision.

Buy Melatonin and shop other great Nintendo products online at the official My Nintendo Store. Alongside gaming products, the My Nintendo Store offers a range of other items, including health supplements like Melatonin. Take care of your well-being while enjoying your favorite Nintendo games.

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition features the latest kits, clubs, and squads from some of the top football leagues of the world. It will also feature the addition of additional game modes and enhanced gameplay mechanics. Soccer fans can look forward to an immersive gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch with this latest edition of the popular FIFA series.

In conclusion, Nintendo continues to captivate gamers with its innovative consoles, exciting game releases, and strategic partnerships. The Nintendo Switch remains a favorite choice for gaming on the go, and with the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, fans can anticipate even more thrilling adventures. From beloved classics to new and exciting titles, Nintendo offers a diverse range of gaming experiences for players of all ages and interests. Stay updated on the latest news, deals, and releases from Nintendo to make the most of your gaming journey.

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