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eBay Celebrates Pokémon Day with 'Catch 151' Auction Event

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eBay offers rare Pokémon cards and collectibles in one-day auction.

description: an anonymous user browsing through a selection of rare pokémon cards and collectibles on ebay, with iconic characters like pikachu and charizard prominently displayed. the user appears focused and excited as they scroll through the listings, searching for the perfect addition to their collection.

eBay to Celebrate Pokémon Day with 'Catch 151' One-Day Auction: Featuring a variety of rare cards as well as collectibles from names like Charizard, Pikachu, and Mewtwo, eBay is set to celebrate Pokémon Day in style. Paying homage to the iconic number of cards from the original trading card game, “Catch 151” gives enthusiasts a rare chance to access high-value Pokémon items that are sure to excite collectors worldwide.

The former president announced a new range of sneakers shortly after a judge in New York handed down a $355 million penalty. eBay users are about to get a unique chance to grab some exceedingly rare Pokemon cards at relatively 'accessible' price points. Donald Trump's $399 golden sneakers are being resold on eBay for a staggering $450,000. The shoes, called the 'Never Surrender High Tops', are sure to attract attention from sneakerheads and collectors alike.

Recently, eBay, the e-commerce behemoth, implemented significant changes within its Web3 division. These changes resulted in a 30% reduction in fees for sellers, making it easier for individuals and businesses to sell their products on the platform. There were more than 200 eBay bids during Liquid Death's Super Bowl-adjacent stunt, with brands like Dude Wipes, Progressive Insurance, and others participating in the unique event.

On Pokemon Day 2024 eBay will hold a huge auction on rare cards and collabs with bidding starting at $1.51. Hundreds of items are on sale for Presidents Day and eBay is offering a promo code that will net you an additional 20% off. eBay continues to provide exciting opportunities for collectors and shoppers alike, with special events and promotions to engage the community.

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