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Nintendo of America Restructures Testing Department

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Nintendo of America makes changes in testing department structure.

description: an office setting with employees working on computers, some looking concerned while others are deep in thought. the atmosphere is tense, suggesting the impact of the recent restructuring at nintendo of america.

Nintendo of America is restructuring its testing department. As part of this move, it will lay off some employees, and provide new contracts to others. Layoffs have come for nearly every developer since 2023, and Nintendo of America is now among those affected. Recent reports suggest that Nintendo of America is laying off approximately 120 contractors at the company's Washington state headquarters. 'Some' contractors will be cut, others will become full-time employees - It's been a difficult start for the video game industry this year.

A job description for a Localization Production Specialist (Japanese) for Nintendo of America requires the employee to have 'awareness of Japanese culture and fluency in Japanese'. The role involves working closely with development teams in Japan to ensure accurate localization of games for the American market.

Jen McDonald Qualls serves as senior corporate counsel for Nintendo of America Inc. Her main role is protecting Nintendo's intellectual property and ensuring legal compliance in all aspects of the business. Nintendo of America confirmed in a statement that it is restructuring its internal testing, which will include layoffs.

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In case you were wondering, yes, the games industry is still undergoing a period of mass layoffs. According to a new report, Nintendo of America is just the latest company to make significant changes to its workforce in response to market challenges.


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