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How to Play Split Screen on Fortnite PS5: Ultimate Guide

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Discover how to play split-screen on Fortnite PS5 with friends!

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Fortnite is a game that's perfect for playing with friends, and now you can play split screen with them on the same console. Split screen in Fortnite is extremely handy if you want to play locally with a friend, so here's exactly how to use the feature in the game.

To play split screen on Fortnite PS5, both players need to have their own PSN accounts and be signed in to the console. Once both players are logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Start Fortnite and ensure that both controllers are connected to the console.

  • On the main menu, the second player needs to press the "X" button on their controller to join the game.

  • A split screen prompt will appear on the screen, and the second player needs to press the "X" button again to confirm split screen mode.

  • The game will now load in split screen mode, allowing both players to play together on the same console.

  • Each player can customize their own settings, including controls, audio, and graphics, by accessing the settings menu from the lobby.

  • In split screen mode, players can choose to play Battle Royale Duos or Quads, depending on the number of players in the game.

  • Communication is key when playing split screen, so make sure to use headsets or the console's built-in voice chat feature to communicate with your teammate.

  • During gameplay, each player will have their own screen, and their progress will be independent of each other.

  • If one player gets eliminated, they can spectate their teammate until the end of the match.

  • Split screen mode works both online and offline, allowing you to play with friends locally or connect with other players online.

  • Remember that split screen mode may affect the overall performance of the game, so adjust graphics settings if needed to ensure smooth gameplay.

  • To exit split screen mode, the second player can press the "Options" button on their controller and select "Leave Game."

  • Split screen is available on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, so you can enjoy playing with friends across different platforms.

  • Enjoy the thrill of playing Fortnite together with friends, whether you're battling it out in intense fights or building incredible structures!

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