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PlayStation Portal: A Remote Play Device for PS5 Gamers

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Explore the connection and compatibility between PlayStation Portal and PS5.

description: an anonymous image featuring a person holding the playstation portal device, with a ps5 console and controller in the background.

PlayStation Portal is a new PS5 accessory that is proving pretty popular — here's where you can buy this remote play device. (PS5)

PlayStation Portal is proving as elusive as its console companion - here's where to buy this Black Friday week. (PS5)

This week the Sony PlayStation Portal remote player should be in stock at key US stores in time for Black Friday. (PS5)

Do you need a PS5 for PlayStation Portal? Our guide explores the connection and compatibility between these two gaming innovations. (PS5)

It's an inexpensive way to play your PS5 games on the go—as long as you have strong Wi-Fi.

Sony seems obsessed with ways to extend the PlayStation 5 experience beyond your TV. Earlier this year, I reviewed the PlayStation VR 2,...

The PlayStation Portal is not a gaming console itself, but a handheld accessory for the PS5. It requires a connected PS5 and a Wi-Fi...

The PlayStation Portal offers some key advantages for playing your PS5 in another room. But in many ways, it's too expensive to justify its...

Ever struggled to tear yourself away from the PlayStation 5? I have, and I'm willing to bet you have too. The PlayStation Portal positions...

The PlayStation Portal is a compact and portable device that allows you to stream and play your PS5 games remotely. It connects to your PS5 console via Wi-Fi and enables you to play your games on the go.

This accessory is particularly useful if you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and want to continue playing your PS5 games even if you are not near your TV.

However, it is important to note that the PlayStation Portal is not a standalone gaming console. It is designed to work in conjunction with a PS5 console, which means you will need to have a PS5 in order to use the Portal.

The PlayStation Portal offers a convenient way to extend your gaming experience beyond the confines of your TV. Whether you are traveling, in another room, or simply prefer a handheld gaming experience, the Portal allows you to play your PS5 games wherever you go.

While the PlayStation Portal provides a portable and immersive gaming experience, it does come with a higher price tag compared to other handheld gaming devices. Therefore, it may not be a justifiable purchase for everyone.


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