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Review of the Best Early Black Friday Deals for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console

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"Check out the top discounts on PS5 games, controllers, and more!"

playstation 5 digital edition console

Even though there's still a few days to go before the actual day, Black Friday deals are in full swing at a variety of retailers. Gamers all around the world are eagerly looking for the best discounts on the latest consoles and accessories, especially the highly sought-after PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Review of the best early Black Friday PlayStation 5 deals for 2023. Check out all the best PS5 controller, game & more deals right here on...

The current generation of consoles is getting its first redesign, with Sony's new PlayStation 5 "slim" now finally landing after its October release. This slimmer version of the PS5 comes with 1TB storage for both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, providing gamers with ample space for their favorite games.

The smaller PS5 design also offers an exciting feature for gamers who prefer physical copies of their games. The new model provides an option to add an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive, allowing players to enjoy both digital and physical game collections.

Just how much slimmer and smaller is Sony's new PlayStation 5 console with a removable disc drive? Here it is compared to the original PS5. The sleek and compact design of the PS5 Digital Edition makes it an attractive option for gamers with limited space.

It's been notoriously difficult to get your hands on a PS5 since its launch in late 2020 between industry-wide chip shortages and scalpers. However, with the Black Friday deals, gamers have a chance to finally snag this highly coveted console at a discounted price.

Sony has confirmed the heavily rumored PlayStation 5 slim, which is due out for this holiday season. The slim version of the PS5 offers the same powerful performance and features as the original model but in a more compact and portable design.

The all-digital PS5 is cheaper than the regular PlayStation 5 model with a disc drive, but the savings won't always be a benefit in the long run. Gamers who prefer physical copies of games may miss the convenience and flexibility of having a disc drive.

With the Black Friday deals, gamers can not only grab the next-gen Sony console but also expand their setup with game and accessory deals. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on the latest titles and accessories to enhance the gaming experience.

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