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Bluey Xbox One: A Must-See Console for Fans of All Ages

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Bluey's world domination continues with a unique Xbox Series X console.

bluey xbox one

Bluey's new video game has spawned an adorable, impossible-to-get custom Xbox Series X console and controller, but you should look at it...

Bluey fans of all ages can now explore the world of the award-winning children's cartoon themselves as Bluey: The Videogame has launched for...

Bluey not only got her own video game but is getting a custom Xbox Series X for one lucky sweepstakes winner. Here are all of the details...

Ahh, biscuits! You only have until December 13 to enter to win this Bluey-themed Xbox Series X console and controller.

Microsoft is once again giving away a custom Xbox Series X console and controller. However, this one is helping to promote a new game that's...

A new sweepstakes from Xbox is giving out a 'Bluey' themed console and controller to a lucky winner. It's perfect for playing the new...

Of all the custom consoles you might have thought Microsoft would create, 'Bluey' probably isn't one of them! Nevertheless, there's now an...

Bluey's world domination continues as Microsoft has now created a truly unique Xbox Series X console themed after the beloved animated character. This limited edition console features Bluey's iconic blue and white color scheme, with adorable illustrations of Bluey and her family adorning the console and controller.

Bluey's new video game has taken the gaming world by storm, and to celebrate its success, Microsoft has released a custom Xbox Series X console and controller. This special edition console is a must-have for any Bluey fan, with its vibrant design and cute details capturing the spirit of the beloved animated series.

The new Bluey Xbox console is a must-see. While it's not a Black Friday deal, it is one of the sweetest and most adorable Xbox consoles ever released. The console features Bluey's signature blue color and is adorned with charming illustrations of Bluey and her family. The matching controller completes the set, making it a perfect gift for Bluey fans of all ages.

Bluey fans of all ages can now immerse themselves in the world of the award-winning children's cartoon with the release of Bluey: The Videogame. This exciting game allows players to join Bluey and her friends on fun-filled adventures, exploring various locations from the show and engaging in entertaining activities. With its colorful graphics and engaging gameplay, Bluey: The Videogame is a must-play for fans of all ages.

In addition to the video game release, Bluey is also receiving a special edition Xbox Series X console as part of a sweepstakes. One lucky winner will have the opportunity to own this unique console, featuring Bluey's iconic design and exclusive artwork. With its limited availability, this Bluey-themed console is sure to become a highly sought-after collector's item among fans.

If you're a fan of Bluey and want to get your hands on the custom Xbox Series X console and controller, time is running out. The sweepstakes to win this adorable Bluey-themed console and controller ends on December 13, so make sure to enter for your chance to win. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of Bluey memorabilia that is sure to bring joy to any fan.

Microsoft is once again partnering with a popular animated franchise, this time creating a custom Xbox Series X console and controller to promote the new Bluey video game. This collaboration aims to bring the world of Bluey to life in the gaming realm, allowing fans to fully immerse themselves in the beloved animated series. The custom console features Bluey's distinctive design, making it a must-have for both gaming and Bluey enthusiasts.

Xbox is running an exciting sweepstakes where one lucky winner will receive a 'Bluey' themed console and controller. This unique prize is perfect for fans of the popular animated series, offering them the opportunity to enjoy the new Bluey video game in style. With its eye-catching design and exclusive artwork, this custom console is a collector's dream for any Bluey fan.

The release of a Bluey-themed Xbox Series X console and controller may come as a surprise to many, as it is not a collaboration that was anticipated. However, Microsoft's decision to create this custom console and controller showcases their commitment to catering to a wide range of fan bases and interests. The Bluey-themed console is a testament to the popularity and influence of the beloved animated series.

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