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GeForce NOW Updates Bring Xbox Account Sync and PC Game Pass Bundle

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Nvidia's GeForce NOW cloud gaming service introduces Xbox account sync and a PC Game Pass bundle.

description: an image depicting a person using a gaming controller while streaming a game on a laptop. the screen displays the geforce now logo and a game being played.

Nvidia is rolling out a new update for GeForce NOW that allows members to sync their Xbox accounts to the cloud gaming service, providing even more ways to stream PC games. This update is part of Nvidia's collaboration with Microsoft, aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for users. With the Xbox account sync feature, users can now access any PC Game Pass titles on the GeForce NOW service, expanding the game library available for streaming.

To celebrate this update, Nvidia is launching a new bundle deal for GeForce NOW and PC Game Pass. For a limited time, customers who purchase a 6-month Ultimate membership for GeForce NOW will receive a 3-month PC Game Pass subscription for free. This bundle deal is perfect for the gift-giving season, allowing gamers to enjoy a wide range of PC games on their devices.

Nvidia's GeForce NOW Ultimate memberships have also been updated. Now, every six-month membership purchase will include three months of PC Game Pass at no extra charge, giving users access to a vast library of games. This holiday season, Nvidia is kicking off with this massive bundle deal, providing gamers with an opportunity to explore and enjoy a variety of PC games on the cloud gaming platform.

Signing up for six months of the GeForce NOW Ultimate tier not only gives users access to a high-performance cloud gaming service but also provides three free months of Microsoft's PC Game Pass. This partnership between Nvidia and Microsoft aims to offer players more options and flexibility in streaming their favorite games. By syncing their Xbox accounts with GeForce NOW, gamers can seamlessly transition between devices and continue playing their favorite titles.

GeForce NOW's latest update is a significant step towards expanding the gaming possibilities for users. By bringing Xbox account sync and PC Game Pass access to the cloud gaming service, Nvidia and Microsoft are providing gamers with a seamless streaming experience. Whether it's playing the latest AAA titles or exploring indie gems, GeForce NOW offers a diverse range of games to cater to every gamer's preferences.

The collaboration between Nvidia and Microsoft signifies the growing importance of cloud gaming and its potential to redefine the gaming industry. With the power of GeForce NOW and the extensive library of PC Game Pass titles, gamers can enjoy their favorite games on any device, without the need for expensive hardware upgrades.

In conclusion, Nvidia's latest update for GeForce NOW brings exciting new features to the cloud gaming service. By allowing users to sync their Xbox accounts and access PC Game Pass titles, Nvidia and Microsoft are revolutionizing the way gamers stream and play their favorite games. The limited-time bundle deal, offering a 3-month PC Game Pass subscription with a 6-month Ultimate membership, further enhances the value and appeal of GeForce NOW. Get ready to experience the future of gaming with GeForce NOW and explore the vast world of PC games at your fingertips.

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