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Xbox Series S Compatibility: Can Xbox One Controllers Work on Xbox Series S?

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Discover whether Xbox One controllers are compatible with the Xbox Series S.

description: an image of an xbox series s console with a controller placed next to it. the console is black with a sleek design, while the controller is white and features the iconic xbox button in the center.

Introduction With the release of the Xbox Series S, many gamers are wondering if their existing Xbox One controllers can be used with the new console. In this article, we will explore the compatibility between Xbox One controllers and the Xbox Series S. We'll provide all the necessary information and answer your questions regarding this topic.

Xbox Series S Controllers The Xbox Series S comes with its own set of controllers designed specifically for the console. These controllers offer enhanced features and improved performance for an optimal gaming experience. However, if you already own an Xbox One controller, you may be wondering if it can be used with the Xbox Series S.

Officially Licensed Xbox Series X|S Controllers Microsoft has released officially licensed Xbox Series X|S controllers that bear similarities to the Xbox 360 gamepads. These controllers not only resemble the classic Xbox 360 design but also offer full support for the Xbox Series X|S consoles. If you are looking for a new controller, these officially licensed ones are a great option.

Compatibility of Xbox One Controllers with Xbox Series S The good news is that Xbox One controllers are compatible with the Xbox Series S. You can use your existing Xbox One controller to play games on the Xbox Series S without any issues. This compatibility allows you to continue using your favorite controller and saves you from having to purchase additional controllers.

Connecting Xbox One Controllers to Xbox Series S To connect your Xbox One controller to the Xbox Series S, simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Xbox Series S console.

  2. Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller to turn it on.

  3. Press the connect button on your Xbox Series S console.

  4. Press and hold the connect button on your Xbox One controller until the Xbox button starts flashing.

  5. Once the Xbox button on the controller stops flashing and stays lit, it means the controller is connected to the Xbox Series S.

Benefits of Using Xbox One Controllers on Xbox Series S Using your Xbox One controller on the Xbox Series S provides several benefits. Firstly, it saves you money as you don't need to purchase additional controllers. Secondly, if you're already comfortable with your Xbox One controller, you can continue using it on the new console, maintaining your preferred gaming experience.

Conclusion In conclusion, Xbox One controllers are indeed compatible with the Xbox Series S. This compatibility allows gamers to continue using their existing controllers without any hassle. Whether you prefer the classic Xbox 360 design or have invested in other Xbox One accessories, rest assured that your controllers will work seamlessly on the Xbox Series S. Enjoy gaming on your new console with your trusted Xbox One controller!

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