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Xbox Design Lab Unveils New Customization Option for Controllers

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Microsoft's Xbox Design Lab introduces Shift Special Edition for controllers.

description: an image of a customized xbox controller with a shimmery white-pink color, reminiscent of a star-filled nebula.

Microsoft has upgraded its Xbox Design Lab portal with a brand-new top case option. Controllers can now be fitted with Shift Special Edition, which offers gamers the ability to customize their controllers with unique color schemes, including new color-shifting options. This new addition expands the customization options available to Xbox users, allowing them to create and personalize their gaming experience to their liking.

The Xbox Design Lab allows players to create and customize an Xbox controller beyond what's offered by Microsoft itself. Players can select a variety of colors for the controller body, buttons, analog sticks, and D-pad, giving them the freedom to design a controller that suits their individual style. With the introduction of Shift Special Edition, players can now choose from a range of color-shifting options that add an extra layer of visual flair to their gaming setup.

One of the new color-shifting options available is the Cosmic Shift, a shimmery white-pink color that Microsoft describes as "perfectly subtle, reminiscent of a star-filled nebula." This unique color option adds a touch of cosmic elegance to the controller, allowing gamers to stand out from the crowd. In addition to Cosmic Shift, there are several other color-shifting options available, including Stellar Shift (purple-blue), Lunar Shift (gold-silver), Aqua Shift (blue-light blue), and more.

Prices for the customized controllers start from $149.99 / £124.99, but the cost can increase significantly if players opt for additional accessories or the Elite Series 2 controller. However, the ability to personalize their gaming gear may be worth the investment for dedicated Xbox users or those who simply prefer the Xbox controller over other options.

In addition to the new customization options for controllers, Microsoft has also revealed plans to allow players to customize the appearance of Xbox Series X consoles in the future. This expansion of customization options demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to providing gamers with a truly personalized gaming experience, where they can express their individuality through their gaming gear.

With the Xbox Design Lab's new customization options, Xbox users now have even more colors to choose from when building their ideal controller. Whether they prefer bold and vibrant colors or subtle and elegant hues, there is a range of options available to suit every style. The ability to create a personalized gaming setup adds an extra level of immersion and enjoyment to the gaming experience, making it a great option for Xbox enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Xbox Design Lab's Shift Special Edition offers gamers the opportunity to customize their controllers with unique color schemes, including mesmerizing color-shifting options. With the introduction of Cosmic Shift and other eye-catching colors, players can add a touch of personal style to their gaming gear. Microsoft's commitment to customization extends beyond controllers, as they plan to allow players to customize the appearance of Xbox Series X consoles in the future. The Xbox Design Lab is a game-changer for Xbox users, providing them with the tools to create a truly personalized gaming experience.

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