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Xbox Live Gold is Going Away: How to Get Game Pass Core for Free

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Learn how to access Xbox Game Pass Core for free.

description: a close-up of a person's hands holding an xbox controller, with the xbox logo visible on the device. the background shows a screen displaying various game titles, showcasing the diverse range of games available through the game pass core subscription.

Microsoft is finally getting rid of Xbox Live Gold. Existing subscribers will be moved to a new Xbox Game Pass Core plan on September 14th. This transition will offer a seamless experience for current users and provide access to a wider range of games and features.

One of the key benefits of the new Game Pass Core subscription is the inclusion of 25 games for the same price as the previous Xbox Live Gold subscription. Microsoft has revealed 19 of the 25 games that will be included with the budget service, giving players a taste of what to expect.

For those wondering how to get Xbox Game Pass Core for free, there are several options available. This article covers four ways you can get a Game Pass Core subscription without having to pay. From promotions to trials, there are opportunities to access the service at no cost.

The transition from Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Core also means that new free games will be available for subscribers each month. The final free Games with Gold offerings are the games Blue Fire and Inertial Drift, available from August 1 to August 31. This is just a preview of the diverse range of games that will be accessible through the Game Pass Core subscription.

In addition to the Games with Gold offerings, Microsoft has announced all the confirmed free new games coming in February for Xbox Game Pass members. These games will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, providing a variety of options for players to enjoy.

Xbox Game Pass Core will launch in September, offering a library of 25 games and access to online multiplayer for the same $10 price as the previous Xbox Live Gold subscription. This new plan aims to provide a more comprehensive gaming experience for players without increasing the cost.

For those interested in accessing Blue Fire and Inertial Drift through Games with Gold, these games will be available from August 1 until August 31. After this period, Microsoft will no longer be offering Games with Gold as they shift focus to the Game Pass Core subscription.

With Xbox Live Gold deals transitioning to Game Pass Core deals, it's clear that Microsoft is prioritizing the new subscription model. Players can expect to see a greater emphasis on the Game Pass Core service in the future, with more games and features being added regularly.

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