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How to Link Your Xbox Game Pass Account to Play Diablo 4

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Step-by-step guide for linking accounts to play Diablo 4.

description: an anonymous player sits at their gaming setup, with an xbox controller in hand and a screen displaying the diablo 4 title screen. the room is dimly lit, with a sense of anticipation in the air as the player prepares to dive into the world of diablo 4 through xbox game pass.

Microsoft confirms that players who want to experience Diablo 4 on Xbox Game Pass will need to first jump through one minor but annoying hoop: linking their Game Pass and accounts. This process ensures that players have access to the game through their Xbox console or PC. Diablo 4 heads to Game Pass on March 28th, so it's time to get everything set up for the big release.

To link your Xbox Game Pass and accounts, you'll need to navigate to the settings within the Xbox app. From there, you can locate the option to link external accounts and follow the prompts to connect the two platforms in beautiful matrimony. Once linked, you'll have access to all the benefits of playing Diablo 4 through Game Pass.

Looking to play Xbox Game Pass titles on the Asus ROG Ally? It's quite simple if you use the Xbox app. Just make sure your account is linked correctly, and you'll be able to dive right into the action-packed world of Diablo 4. With the game set to release on Game Pass soon, now is the perfect time to ensure everything is in order.

While the world waits to find out the future of Xbox, Microsoft has announced the Game Pass lineup for February 2024, including the highly anticipated Diablo 4. Players can look forward to experiencing the thrilling gameplay of Diablo 4 on both Xbox and PC through the Game Pass subscription service. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming titles and additions to the Game Pass library.

Microsoft and Blizzard are finally bringing Diablo IV to Xbox and PC Game Pass this week. The game will require PC players to have a account linked to their Xbox profile to access the title through Game Pass. With this exciting collaboration between Microsoft and Blizzard, players can look forward to enjoying Diablo 4 on their preferred platform with ease.

Updated on April 2, 12:40 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated pricing. Riot Games signed a partnership with Xbox Game Pass in 2022, bringing attractive offers and discounts to subscribers. This partnership opens up new opportunities for players to access a wide range of games through Game Pass, including popular titles like Diablo 4. Stay updated on the latest news and promotions from Xbox Game Pass and Riot Games.

Meta and Microsoft today made good on their word to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming and the Game Pass library to Quest. With a subscription to Game Pass, players can access a diverse selection of games, including Diablo 4. The integration of Xbox Game Pass with Quest opens up new possibilities for gaming on the go, allowing players to enjoy their favorite titles wherever they are.

Eager to get your hands on Clove? With an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can unlock them for free! Here's how to Link your Xbox Game Pass account to access Clove and other exciting titles available through the subscription service. Stay connected to the latest updates and releases on Game Pass to make the most of your gaming experience.

If you're trying to save some cash, but still seek demonic adventures, here's the latest on whether Diablo 4 is on PC or Xbox Game Pass. By linking your accounts and subscribing to Game Pass, you can enjoy Diablo 4 and other thrilling titles at a fraction of the cost of purchasing each game individually. Stay informed on the availability of Diablo 4 through Game Pass to make the most of your gaming experience.

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