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Unleash Chaos with Saints Row 2 Cheats for Xbox 360

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Dominate Stilwater City with these Saints Row 2 cheat codes.

description: an action-packed scene from saints row 2 on xbox 360, showcasing a character from the 3rd street saints gang engaging in a high-speed car chase while firing at rival gang members. the chaotic cityscape of stilwater city serves as the backdrop, highlighting the intense and over-the-top gameplay the franchise is known for.

Originally released in 2008 for PS3 and Xbox 360 (with a PC release following later), Saints Row 2 followed on directly from the first game. The game introduced players to the chaotic world of Stilwater City, where the player takes on the role of a member of the 3rd Street Saints gang.

Welcome to the Saints Row 2 wiki guide. One second, you're on top of Stilwater City, running the 3rd Street Saints to own everyone and everything on the streets. The next, you're being targeted by rival gangs and law enforcement, leading to intense shootouts and car chases.

Superpowers, aliens, international espionage, Saints Row 4 has it all! Starring a brand new protagonist, and taking the series in an even more over-the-top direction, the game pushed the boundaries of what players could expect from the franchise.

The Saints Row series has had its highs and lows. Here's how all the titles in the franchise stack up against each other. From the original game to the latest installment, each game has brought something unique to the table, whether it's outrageous humor, intense action, or expansive open-world gameplay.

After years of living on Steam in an unplayable state, Saints Row 2 will finally be fixed. Developer Volition revealed its plan for the 11-year-old game, promising a much-needed update to make it playable on modern systems.

The Saints have come a long way, but they soon learn in THQ's Saints Row: The Third, that fame and fortune can bring a lot of unwanted attention. As the gang rises to the top, they must navigate the treacherous waters of celebrity status while dealing with new enemies and challenges.

When the original Saints Row came out two years ago, it served to placate fans until Grand Theft Auto made its next-generation debut. The game offered a fun and engaging open-world experience, setting the stage for the sequels to come.

Saints Row 3 (or Saints Row: The Third) takes the series into even wackier territory, adding in wackier weapons, costumes, and abilities. The game embraces its over-the-top nature, delivering a wild ride through the streets of Stilwater City.

Saints Row 3 review. Matt reviews Volition's Saints Row: The Third. The game is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Dive into the chaotic world of the Saints and experience all the thrills and mayhem the game has to offer.

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