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Redbird Esports: Building a Collegiate Esports Powerhouse

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Illinois State University's Redbird Esports program rises to the top.

Description: An anonymous image of the Redbird Esports team posing in their new facility, surrounded by gaming equipment and monitors.

In a few short years, Illinois State University has built a powerhouse esports program that competes on the national and international stage. The Redbird Esports Overwatch team, coached by Megan Lomonof, will compete in the Pro-Am West tournament of the Overwatch League, making them the only collegiate Overwatch team to claim a spot in the international tournament this year.

Redbird Esports has also welcomed three new coaches to their staff, including Zachary Dell and Megan Lomonof. With an emphasis on player development and a focus on teamwork and strategy, the program has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the collegiate esports scene.

Illinois State University's new Esports Arena is now open to students, offering state-of-the-art gaming equipment and a dedicated space for the growing esports community on campus. Despite many traditional sports Power Five schools entering the scene, Illinois State and Redbird Esports intends to remain amongst the top esports programs in the country.

Redbird Capital Partners and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan have invested in esports, recognizing the potential of the industry. A video series investigates the role of esports in fandom and culture, showcasing the growing popularity and cultural significance of competitive gaming.

The success of Redbird Esports can be attributed to the program's commitment to player development and team strategy. David Kirk, M.S. '16, the director of Redbird Esports, emphasizes the importance of building a strong team culture and fostering communication among players.

Members of Redbird Esports pose in the team's new facility, a testament to the university's investment in the program. The dedicated space provides a platform for students with a passion for gaming to pursue their interests and compete at the highest level.

Congratulations to Saints, Trick Room, Redbird Esports, Timeless, and WISP from NA and Twisted Minds and Team Peps from EMEA on their success in the esports community. As the industry continues to grow, collegiate esports programs like Redbird Esports will continue to play a vital role in shaping the future of competitive gaming.

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