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The Future of Cronus on Xbox: What You Need to Know

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Updates and crackdowns on Cronus devices affecting Xbox and PlayStation.

an image of a gaming console with a controller plugged in, showcasing the debate surrounding the use of third-party devices like cronus on xbox and playstation consoles.

Cronus and XIM accessories have long been a controversial topic in the gaming community, with some players considering them to be cheating devices that give an unfair advantage in online multiplayer games. Recently, there have been significant changes regarding the use of Cronus accessories on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, leading to a heated debate among gamers.

PlayStation is blocking Cronus cheat accessories on its platform, in what might be the start of a wider crackdown on devices that allow for unfair advantages in gaming. The latest update for the PlayStation 5 prevents the Cronus Zen controller emulator from connecting, raising questions about the future of these devices on the console.

So no, I do not think we can say that Cronus and XIM are dead on Xbox, despite this news. This change will not be implemented until November 12, and there are still workarounds for players who want to use their Xbox controllers on a PlayStation 5. However, it's clear that the gaming industry is cracking down on third-party devices that could potentially disrupt the balance of fair play.

No more using a mouse and keyboard on PS5, or using aiming mods, for now. The 24.01-08.60.00 update for the PlayStation 5 blocks the Cronus Zen, a device some players use for cheating in first-person shooters and other competitive games. This move has been met with mixed reactions from the gaming community, with some applauding Sony for taking a stand against cheating, while others argue that it limits player choice and customization.

If you want to use your Xbox controller on a PlayStation 5, there are workarounds, but not all of them are ideal. Here are some things you need to know about the recent changes and how they may affect your gaming experience. With unofficial third-party devices banned on Xbox, you'll need to know how you are affected and whether you can use your third-party devices on the console.

A new PlayStation 5 update has made it so you can't use a controversial controller accessory known as the Cronus Zen. This has sparked a debate among gamers about the role of third-party devices in online gaming and whether they should be allowed. The future of Cronus on Xbox and PlayStation remains uncertain, as both companies continue to crack down on cheating and unfair advantages in gaming.

This Week in Business is our more-or-less weekly recap column, a collection of stats and quotes from recent stories pre… The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and the use of third-party devices like Cronus and XIM is a hot topic among gamers. As companies like PlayStation and Xbox take steps to prevent cheating and maintain fair play, players will need to adapt to the changing landscape of online gaming.

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