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Mario Party Superstars: The Ultimate Board Game Showdown

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Join the party and prove you're the board game superstar!

description: an anonymous image of a group of friends gathered around a nintendo switch, each holding a joy-con controller and laughing as they play mario party superstars. the room is filled with excitement and friendly competition as they race to collect stars on the game board.

Today is the perfect opportunity for gamers to dive into the world of Mario Party, as Mario Party Superstars for Switch is now available. This latest installment in the popular party game series brings back classic boards and mini-games from the past, giving players a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Every game in the main series has a standard Party Mode in which up to four players play through a board, trying to collect as many stars as possible. Mario Party Superstars follows this formula, allowing players to roll their dice and race to get the most stars while sabotaging their opponents on 5 game boards.

Superstars, by contrast, only has the typical party mode and mini-game mode. While these other game modes wouldn't stand on their own as well as the main Party mode, they still offer a fun and competitive experience for players looking to mix things up.

This year's Mario Day deals include free gift cards with your Nintendo Switch purchase as well as big discounts on some great games. With Mario Party Superstars being one of the latest releases, now is the perfect time to grab a copy and start playing with friends and family.

All 19 Mario games are available to play on the Switch right now, offering a wide variety of gameplay experiences for fans of the iconic plumber. Whether you prefer platforming adventures or party games like Mario Party Superstars, there is something for everyone on the Nintendo Switch.

The latest big Nintendo game out on Switch is an absolute blast—unless you happen to be playing alongside your nearest and dearest. Mario Party Superstars brings the competitive spirit to the forefront, challenging players to outwit and outmaneuver their opponents in a race to victory.

Mario Party 3 has finally been added to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack today, complete with online multiplayer capabilities. This classic game is a fan favorite for its memorable boards and mini-games, and now players can enjoy it with friends from around the world.

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