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SideQuest VR: Your Guide to Sideloading on Oculus Quest

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Explore the world of indie VR games and apps with SideQuest.

description: an anonymous image of a virtual reality headset with sidequest logo displayed on the screen, showcasing the platform's diverse range of indie vr games and apps.

SideQuest, the popular VR content platform specializing in indie games and apps, this week announced that it has partnered with mixed reality technology firm Fast Travel Games to bring a new Prop Hunt-style VR multiplayer game called "Mannequin" to its platform. This collaboration showcases the growing popularity of SideQuest as a hub for cutting-edge virtual reality experiences.

One of the key features of SideQuest is its ability to make sideloading VR games a lot easier with its new Web Installer. Users can now get SideQuest installed directly on their headset and install content from a variety of sources without the need for a PC. This streamlined process allows for a more seamless experience when discovering and downloading new VR content.

Fast Travel Games has expanded access to its open alpha for "Mannequin" on SideQuest, giving players the opportunity to participate in a unique multiplayer experience that combines elements of Prop Hunt with virtual reality technology. This innovative game showcases the potential for immersive and engaging gameplay on the SideQuest platform.

With the latest version of SideQuest, users can now access advanced device settings directly on their Quest headset without the need for a PC. This enhanced functionality provides greater control and customization options for users looking to optimize their VR experience.

The in-VR SideQuest app can now be installed onto your Quest with fewer steps, directly from your PC or Android phone's web browser. This convenient feature simplifies the process of accessing SideQuest content and enhances the overall user experience.

Users can utilize a store filter within SideQuest to find free games or locate free Quest App Lab games using the unofficial sidequestvr website. This resource makes it easy for players to discover and download a wide range of VR content without breaking the bank.

The Meta Quest lineup, including the Quest 3, 2, and 1, has made VR more accessible than ever before, with SideQuest serving as a valuable platform for discovering new and innovative virtual reality experiences. The availability of free Oculus games on SideQuest further enhances the accessibility of VR gaming for a broader audience.

In a controversial move, SideQuest has banned applications like "The Unity Cube" and others that consist solely of simple geometrical shapes. This decision has sparked discussion and memes within the VR community, highlighting the platform's commitment to quality and diversity in VR content.

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