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What The Fog: A New Co-op Roguelite Game Set in Dead By Daylight Universe

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Behaviour Interactive's surprise free co-op game based on Dead By Daylight

description: an anonymous image shows two players, each controlling a character from dead by daylight, navigating a foggy and eerie landscape filled with hidden dangers. the characters are depicted in a cartoonish style, adding a sense of whimsy to the otherwise tense atmosphere. the players are working together, strategizing and communicating to overcome the challenges that lie ahead in the game what the fog.

Behaviour Interactive has three new games on the way, including a fun new Dead By Deadlight spinoff called What The Fog?! This new game takes players into the world of Dead By Daylight in a different way, offering a cooperative roguelite experience unlike anything seen before. Fans of the original game will be thrilled to see familiar characters in a whole new light.

Is What The Fog coming to PS5? Is What The Fog coming to PS4? Find out here if Behaviour Interactive's new spin-off from Dead By Daylight is making its way to the latest consoles. The developers have not yet confirmed which platforms the game will be available on, but fans are eagerly awaiting news on this front.

Find out how to claim What The Fog, a new game set in the Dead by Daylight universe for free, and why you should do so. Behaviour Interactive announced and released What the Fog during today's 8th Anniversary stream, surprising fans with a new addition to the world they love.

Behaviour Interactive has announced and released What the Fog, a new two-person cooperative roguelite game set in the world of Dead by Daylight. Players will have to work together to survive the challenges that await them in this unique spin-off game. The familiar characters of DBD take on a new form in this exciting adventure.

DBD's Dwight, Claud, and Min shrink down into cute cartoon characters for a surprisingly good, free, co-op roguelite adventure, What the Fog. This new game offers a lighter, more playful take on the familiar Dead By Daylight characters, giving fans a fresh perspective on their favorite survivors.

Behaviour have surprise dropped a new Roguelike featuring Dead by Daylight characters, and it's free to download if you're quick! This unexpected release has delighted fans of the original game, offering a new way to experience the world of DBD with a friend in a cooperative setting.

Dead by Daylight fans can play What the Fog for free, right now. This exciting new game is available to download and play immediately, giving fans a chance to dive into a new adventure set in the world they know and love. Gather a friend and get ready to face the challenges that await in What The Fog.

What the Fog is a new 2-player co-op roguelite game set in the world of Dead by Daylight. Players will have to work together to survive the dangers that lurk in the foggy landscape, using teamwork and strategy to overcome obstacles and complete objectives. This new spin-off game offers a fresh take on the familiar characters and setting of the original Dead By Daylight game.

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