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ArcaniA: The Complete Tale Review for Xbox 360

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An in-depth look at the latest installment in the Gothic series.

description: a screenshot from arcania: the complete tale showing a player exploring a lush, fantastical world filled with towering castles and mystical creatures. the vibrant colors and intricate details bring the game's immersive world to life.

Written by Jeff Kintner on 8/16/2013 for PS3. More On: ArcaniA: The Complete Tale. Arcania: Gothic 4 and its expansion Arcania: Fall of Setarriff were highly anticipated releases in the RPG genre. Now, the series makes its way to the Xbox 360 with ArcaniA: The Complete Tale.

Four titles in, the Gothic series has worked hard to earn a legion of dedicated fans – mainly in Europe, but steadily growing in reputation worldwide. With ArcaniA, developer Spellbound Entertainment takes the helm, bringing their own unique touch to the beloved franchise.

Arcania goes to great lengths to convince you that it's got a storyline and characters and everything. It doesn't. The narrative feels bland and uninspired, lacking the depth and complexity that fans of the series have come to expect. The characters are forgettable, and the dialogue falls flat.

DreamCatcher Interactive, JoWooD Entertainment & the BVT Group announce the brief North American release delay of Arcania: Gothic 4. Despite the delay, fans eagerly awaited the arrival of the game on the Xbox 360, hoping for a worthy addition to the series.

The Gothic RPG series gets its fourth offering, this time from a new developer. Can Spellbound Entertainment pick up where Piranha Bytes left off? The transition is not seamless, with some fans feeling that the game fails to capture the essence of the earlier titles.

So far, so RPG. Unbelievers won't care, and Gothic aficionados will be wary of the new developer, and particularly the “new audience” they are trying to attract. The game tries to appeal to a broader audience, but in doing so, it loses some of the depth and complexity that made the series so beloved.

The next 'official' installment in the great Gothic RPG series hasn't been around much lately, but now we've finally got some goods to sink our teeth into. With ArcaniA: The Complete Tale, players can delve back into the world of Gothic and experience a new chapter in the saga.

The latest in JoWood's longstanding RPG series, Arcania – Gothic 4, will release on PS3 and 360 as well as PC. Want to experience an epic adventure filled with magic, monsters, and intrigue? Look no further than ArcaniA.

JoWood have announced that ArcaniA is to receive a standalone expansion, called Fall of Setarrif, on March 25th. In it, players will embark on a new quest filled with danger and intrigue, expanding upon the world of ArcaniA and providing new challenges for fans of the series.

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