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Fatal Frame: A Cosmic Horror Twist

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A new horror game coming to Steam and Xbox with a cosmic horror spin.

description: an eerie scene with a character holding a camera, capturing a ghostly figure in a dimly lit room filled with paranormal activity.

Fatal Frame is a classic survival horror franchise known for its unique gameplay mechanics involving capturing spirits with a camera. The upcoming game, inspired by titles like Fatal Frame and Alan Wake, promises to bring a fresh take on the genre with a cosmic horror twist.

In Fatal Frame, players take on the role of a character armed with a camera that can capture the supernatural entities haunting them. The game's eerie atmosphere and chilling encounters with ghosts have made it a beloved series among horror fans.

Regardless, in an interview with the Square Enix North American team, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi shared insight into the development process and how the team drew inspiration from classic horror games like Fatal Frame.

The original costume lineup has been altered slightly, and new costumes have been added. Change the characters' costumes to experience the investigation in a whole new light.

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