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Unlocking New Possibilities: PS5 Remote Play on Steam Deck

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Learn how to play PS5 games remotely on the Steam Deck.

description: a person holding a steam deck in one hand and a ps5 controller in the other, with a look of excitement on their face as they play a ps5 game on the handheld device.

In a world where gaming has become more accessible than ever, the Steam Deck has emerged as a revolutionary handheld device capable of playing a wide range of games. With its powerful hardware and versatility, the Steam Deck has quickly become a favorite among gamers looking for a portable gaming solution. One of the most exciting features of the Steam Deck is its ability to remote play games from other platforms, such as the PS5.

For gamers who own a PS5 and a Steam Deck, the ability to play their favorite PS5 games remotely on the handheld device opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can now enjoy your favorite PS5 titles without being tethered to your console. This seamless integration between the PS5 and the Steam Deck allows for a truly immersive gaming experience.

To get started with PS5 remote play on your Steam Deck, you'll need to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure that your Steam Deck is connected to the same network as your PS5. If possible, connect a mouse and keyboard to your Steam Deck for easier navigation. Next, enable remote play on your PS5 by going to 'Settings', navigating to 'System Settings', scrolling down to 'Remote Play', and toggling on 'Enable'.

Once you've enabled remote play on your PS5, you'll need to log into the PlayStation Network on your Steam Deck. Copy the Encoded ID for Chiaki, highlight and copy the Account ID, and paste it into the Chiaki4Deck app. This app is essential for enabling PS5 remote play on your Steam Deck, so make sure to download it from the handheld's desktop mode.

Recent updates to Chiaki4Deck have further optimized the experience of playing PS5 games remotely on the Steam Deck. With these improvements, the OLED display of the Steam Deck provides an even better visual experience, allowing for crisp and vibrant graphics. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and playing PS5 games on your Steam Deck using Chiaki.

After enjoying the PlayStation Portal from the comfort of my apartment, I took this remote play device into the outside world – and things only got better. The ability to play my favorite PS5 games on the go has truly changed the way I game, offering a level of flexibility and freedom that I never thought possible. With PS5 remote play on the Steam Deck, the sky's the limit for gaming enthusiasts looking to expand their horizons.

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