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How to Minimize Game on PC for Maximum Performance

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Optimize your PC for gaming with these essential tips and tricks.

description: an anonymous gamer sitting at a desk with a high-performance gaming pc, adjusting settings on the monitor to optimize the gaming experience.

There are a few things that you can do to optimize your PC for gaming. Here's how, from using Game Mode to setting your monitor's refresh rate to the optimal level. By following these steps, you can ensure that your gaming experience is smooth and lag-free.

Is your PS5 or Xbox Series X lagging? Your TV might be to blame. Fix it for smooth, lag-free gameplay by adjusting your TV settings to reduce input lag and improve overall performance.

Fallout 4's developer is working to minimize the impact of its big new-gen update on existing mods. Last week, Bethesda announced Fallout players can expect improvements to performance and stability to enhance gameplay.

Is your ping too high and causing severe lag or delays? Learn how to lower ping and reduce lag in video games – 11 ways to fix high ping, including optimizing your internet connection and adjusting in-game settings.

Want to make sure nothing is eating up CPU power while you game? Here's how to get to the bottom of it by monitoring your system's performance and closing unnecessary background applications.

Most players in the community don't know about a new feature introduced in Genshin Impact's version 3.1, that allows them to reduce their graphics settings for better performance on lower-end PCs.

Use your PC more efficiently with these Windows 11 hotkeys to navigate through tasks and applications seamlessly, improving your overall gaming experience.

Roblox is a hugely-popular online game platform with more than 200 million monthly active users. But, despite its popularity, the platform can sometimes suffer from performance issues. Learn how to optimize your Roblox experience for smoother gameplay.

If blurry motion is ruining your PC gaming experiences, tweak these settings in Windows, on your monitor, or in your game to reduce that motion blur and enhance visual clarity while gaming.

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