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A cry for help #SaveTF2: A Community in Desperation

Joystick Joanie
Joystick Joanie
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The #SaveTF2 movement sheds light on Valve's neglect of the game.

a sad character  from team fortress2

About a year and a half ago in May 2022, game developer and Steam creator Valve finally responded to pleas for help from Team Fortress 2's community after bots with in-game cheats flooded the beloved class-based shooter's servers for well over a year. This "Bot Crisis" had gotten so bad that the game was almost completely unplayable outside of community servers, but after the #SaveTF2 movement on social media caused enough of an uproar that Valve broke its radio silence, many were hopeful that things would finally be looking up.

The #saveTF2 movement is not just about the halted fan project. It’s a manifestation of the community’s growing dissatisfaction with Valve’s perceived neglect of the game. Fans decry the lack of updates and support for TF2, while fan creations like Team Fortress Source 2 and Portal 64 are targeted. The community’s frustration is palpable, as they see a game they love seemingly being cast aside.

The game has a lot of potential, even though it has been out there for a long time. Its gameplay is considered one of the best, and many players still find enjoyment in it. However, playing on casual servers has become quite a hassle filled with bots and cheaters. The lack of action from Valve to address these issues has left players feeling abandoned and betrayed.

Some fans express their disappointment and frustration on social media, with one user sarcastically commenting, "Cant wait for janitor in Valve's office to release another 'we hear and love you, TF2 community' post on Twitter. Cant believe that people still think devs give a crap about TF2." Others share a similar sentiment, believing that Valve has moved on from the game and is no longer interested in supporting it. "I loved TF2 years ago, but hoping news outlets would report on devs abandoning a 17-year-old game is unrealistic. I feel like it’s pretty clear that Valve is done with the game."

The community's plea is simple: they want Valve to take charge of the game and make it playable again. While the game is still running on Valve servers, it is infested with bots, hindering the overall experience. Players expect Valve to respond to the community's call and take the necessary steps to deal with this issue. They believe that with Valve's intervention, TF2 has the potential to become one of the best games once again.

In the eyes of the community, Valve's treatment of TF2 feels like they view it as a dead game, merely a cashing machine for transactions. There is a deep sense of disappointment that Valve seems to be prioritizing financial gain over supporting and nurturing the game that has brought joy to millions of players for years. Fans hope that Valve will recognize the importance of addressing the concerns raised by the #SaveTF2 movement and rekindle their commitment to the game's future.

Team Fortress 2 Valve #SaveTF2 movement neglect frustration bots cheaters community support potential.
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Joystick Joanie
Joystick Joanie
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